• Amy

background tests

Updated: May 6, 2019

I have been struggling to find exactly how I want this project to look so my focus for today was to do a few 'background tests' and see how these would look next to the character designs. As I am undertaking this project digitally with a natural subject matter I am aware that the lack of texture could really be my downfall so here I am using almost exclusively photoshop brushes that aim to imitate pencils, pastels and inks.

I added a few speech bubbles in to see how they would interact among a 'completed' scene. I am thinking at the moment of using a very minimal and graphic style of bubble to try and contrast but compliment the very natural aesthetic I am aiming for with the creatures and backgrounds. I have had comments that this is a little jarring and definitely see that but I think once I have experimented a little more and created imaged for the comic panels with the speech bubbles in mind they should compliment the overall aesthetic well.

I do like these tests overall and am happy to continue along these lines but I am not married to completing the project in this style.