• Amy

sly, daisytrick and moon rabbit

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Truthful Sly

A compulsively honest, charismatic storyteller, beloved by everyone. Almost.

Truthful Sly is a well-known figure in the wood. A bit of a traveller, he regales folk with stories of where he's been. He's quick with a story, or a joke, and rarely has a bad word to say about anyone. Sly comes across as very genuine, and takes an interest in most other characters. He is the one who introduced the cat to the forest, and blames himself for the tragedy. Perhaps rightly so.

Appearance -

At the moment, at least, he shouldn't have any notable characteristics in the way of scars or suchlike. In my mind he's neat, symmetrical, gallant. He should look quite pleasing and handsome. He shouldn’t look powerful – he’s a talker, not a fighter.

Mannerisms -

Sly's a very confident character, and knows how to charm people. His movements and posture should always be pronounced, performative.

Core -

Redemption. On the surface, Sly knows it's partly his fault that Catkiller's other children died, so he knows he is indebted to her. Deep down, his motivation is likely to absolve himself of said guilt - he's not used to being the bad guy.


Happy-go-lucky hare. At least until her head falls off.

Daisytrick meets Catkiller and Truthful Sly in the woods, trying to lead a shell-shocked rabbit to safety. Daisytrick is a world apart from her horrible surroundings: bubbly, bright, naïve. She’s an interesting foil and companion character to Catkiller. Similarly indomitable, she refuses to be affected by her surroundings, and refuses to take insults seriously. She acts a little like a personal assistant, guiding the blind badger through the woods with gentle care.

Before everything went to shit, Daisytrick was a lonely character. She sought company where she could, but as hares are solitary creatures, this didn’t always work. Daisytrick got a bit of a reputation for her trysts, which were mostly a way to alleviate her loneliness. She latches onto Moon Rabbit, and CK/Sly quite quickly.

Appearance -

Um. Female hare. At the moment at least I can’t imagine her needing any particular attributes. It would be nice if she could look quite cute.


Daisytrick is excessively polite and friendly. I imagine her looking quite perky and attentive.

Core -

Helping. Being with, and useful to, other people. At heart, she’s just scared of being alone.

Moon Rabbit

Possibly a shell-shocked rabbit. Possibly the soul of the horroring itself.

Daisytrick finds a rabbit in the woods, staring straight up at the big purple moon. She can’t get him to speak, and he doesn’t seem to react to anything. Since she can’t bear the thought of leaving him in the woods, though, she eventually gets him to follow her. When they meet up with the others, Catkiller has little patience for him, thinking he’ll hold them back. Later on, when Daisytrick is dead, his strangeness weighs on CK and she starts to wonder if he’s been horrored the whole time.

Moon Rabbit is, in large part, a tool for ambiguity. It’s heavily implied that he might be horrored, or more than that, something to do with the horroring, the moon, and the whole endless night. I’m not sure what happens to him in the end, but it doesn’t answer any questions about him, or the world.


Small rabbit. The eyes need to be highlighted in some manner, since they’re the most important thing about him. He should look somewhat unassuming, but shell-shocked and simple.


Moon Rabbit’s main motif is his intensity. He stares constantly into space, seemingly unaware of anyone around him. Near the end of the story, he stares right into either CK or Sly, and it should be striking as the first time he ‘sees’ anyone.


Who knows? *Waves hands mysteriously*