• Amy

Stonepecker crow and The Cat

Updated: May 6, 2019

Stonepecker Crow

A mentally deranged crow. Kidnapper of children and self-proclaimed saviour.

Normal -

Crow's maimed and a bit deranged. He was pushed from the nest before he was ready and likely broke a leg or a wing, with some brain damage to go along with it. Somehow, he survived to adulthood. His derangement has led to him being ridiculed, especially by kids. The adults of the wood mostly ignore him as a harmless, if disturbing individual. He is a tragic individual; what he does isn't necessarily his fault. He should look sympathetic and beaten up. Stressed. Emphasise his hunching.

Horrored -

He doesn't realise he is Horrored.

Hard to say what he looks like, since we're not sure about the visuals for Horroring. He needs to become more powerful, and much bigger. The size of an elephant, perhaps. I'm not sure yet if he should be able to fly, if so: either his wing has to be repaired, or he needs another wing to grow above his lame one. His posture should be the opposite of his old self. The shoe's on the other foot, so to speak


An amalgam of what Stonepecker is, and what he could have been. Or a distortion of who he thinks he is.

Appearance notes -

Should look a bit scrawny. One foot should be bunched up and lame (see video). He could be missing a patch of feathers or two, and maybe have some scruffy feathering, too, if it doesn't look too out of place. Perhaps make his beak a bit scratched, or blunted.

It's rather difficult to see a crow's eyes. Perhaps give him a curl or purple, or a catchlight of some kind?

Mannerisms -

He speaks in an archaic, stilted fashion. I don't know what his speech patterns are yet, but I want him to sound wrong. I imagine we'll see his face, at least, most often from the side on.

He'll behave differently depending on who he's talking to, but that's something we can get to later on.

Core -

Protective. Compassionate.

He genuinely believes that he is saving the kids he's taken from the horrors of the forest. He believes he's protecting Scratch, particularly, from his mother.

The Cat

A pre-Horror psychopath.

Possibly the only character that could be described as evil. Soften finds herself as the most predatory thing in the forest, and relishes the feeling that gives her. This isn’t a matter of being the biggest creature, or necessarily the most dangerous, but rather being the only creature with the inclination of violence. She has the capacity to kill for fun like no other character has. She first meets Truthful Sly and beguiles him with a sociopathic display of sweetness. Sour is the only one who outwardly rejects her and in doing so becomes a target. The months Soften spends playing sweet are made delicious by her knowledge of what she could do. Finally, she decides to murder Sour’s cubs. She does it because she can, and it’s fun. It’s implied that this is the reason she left her last home – she’s something of a serial killer. Soften’s rough plan is to see if she can make it look natural, and see how many others she can pick off before leaving. This doesn’t quite go to plan.


Gorgeously fluffy and disarming, with a hint of danger. No scars of signs that she’s ever been violent.


Initially, she has to communicate as much as she can that she’s not a threat. She’ll make herself seem sweet, and possibly even submissive. When we see her as a villain it should be something of a transformation.


Feeling powerful, knowing that she has the ability to wreck a life, or a community.