• Amy

Grad Show IDeA

This week I finally figured out how to present something more impactful than my test narrative on a little shelf for the graduation show. I will present an enlarged version of a page (or two) from my graphic novel and hang this from the beams in the studio.

I will have to print the panels on the large format printer and then mount them on foam board to give them some rigidity. I will possibly have to weight the bottom panels so the whole thing doesn't sway too much from the movement of people during the grad show. I will most likely paint the sides of the panels black so they blend more into the images and just has a higher quality of finish. I plan to hang the whole thing with fishing wire but I don't know how polished this would look/how much support it could hold. I have also thought about hanging it with black string to have colour continuity throughout the piece but I'm not sure if I want the hanging materials to be a statement or as subtle as possible.