• Amy


Updated: Mar 17, 2019

As our story is set completely among the natural world; in a forest, about animals, one of my aims is to work towards a style that really brings the world to life in a pleasing way but not one that is too pinned in painstaking realism.

Audra Auclair


J.A.W. Cooper

This artists depictions of animals are very realistic but she manages to capture playfulness and character in a lot of her illustrations. Her line work is very confident and fluid which really works with her chosen subjects of animals and humans. I love her line work especially and I think I can use her approach to try and flesh out my character designs.


Marco Mazzoni

Mazzoni as with Cooper above works mainly with the theme of animals and the natural world. He creates fantastical, twisted depictions of animals and the unsettling nature is something I would really like to try and capture with elements of the story we are creating.


Amy Sol