• Amy

More style changes

The majority of this project has been me playing around with different styles of characters and backgrounds. Below is what I originally had decided would be the 'final style' of the comic. But this has many issues, it felt too digital, too conflicting in the background and character styles and most of all it didn't feel like anything I would produce. I just wasn't happy with it.

Below is what I settled on after. It was a style that relied heavily on linework, something I am comfortable with and allowed me to play with the stylisation of the characters more. I did a decent amount of work on starting the pages in this style but it still did not feel quite right for me.

Final Style

Finally I stopped trying to imitate other comics and abandoned a lot of the digital looking colouring effects I was using. This image was still made completely digitally but I used a load of watercolour textures that I had made in 2nd year. This started as me randomly applying textures but quickly I realised these images I was making were far more pleasing (to me at least) than anything I had made so far. It allowed me to cut back the detail in the backgrounds and focus all on the characters. I do think this style is the most representative thing I have made so far and am actually happy to present it at the end of this project.