• Amy

Narrative Test

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

This week I have been working with the writer to figure out what part of the narrative would be best to make a test zine from. We wrote everything out on cards and placed the events out in the order we want them in.

After discussing the merits of various parts of the story to isolate we decided that the opening to the graphic novel would be the best part to have as a stand alone issue. It will be a great introduction to the world the characters inhabit and will hopefully leave people wanting to find out more.


An exodus of the wood is happening but Catkiller, the badger, is fighting against the tide of animals. Truthful Sly, a fox, spots her and pleads with her to leave with everyone else as the borrowing has begun, she refuses and Sly follows her to the wood. Stalwart, a boar, is blocking the path back into the wood and refuses to let them re-enter. We find out that Stonepecker Crow, has taken Scratch, Catkiller's cub, and this is why Catkiller wants to re-enter. A terrible noise comes from the wood and Catkiller slips past Stalwart in the commotion. Stalwart, beaten, walks away and allows Sly to follow Catkiller.