• Amy

Page roughs

I have changed the number of pages that will make up my test narrative zine outcome. It has gone from being 12+ pages to 8 pages of narrative with a double page preview illustration at the end of the zine. I have had to change this because I have struggled with the project overall and in order to have a quality outcome I have had to pear back the page numbers. The narrative itself won't have as punchy an ending but I think it has a good amount of interest and will leave the reader wanting to find out more abut what's to come. The double page illustration at the end of the zine is to give a preview of what is to come with the story, a teaser almost.

Narrative Page Roughs

The first page (right) will be the same image as the front cover but at night with the telltale purple hue that will come to signify the horrors within the story.

Double Page Illustration

This illustration is to introduce the main villain, Stonepecker Crow. It will show Catkiller and Truthful Sly cowering form the shadowy form of a crow. I am not sure at the moment how I am going to render the shadowy crow, one idea I had was to have the moon (the cause of the horroring)