• Amy

Reflective Post

This project overall has been way harder that I ever thought it would be. In hindsight I should have chosen something that I am already way more aquatinted with but I wanted a challenge for my last project and that's what I got. I cannot say that I am overly happy with the outcome as it does seem more like a first draft than anything overly finished but I am happy that I managed to get through the project .

Changing the look of the comic in the last week to have more of a watercolour texture I think was a saving grace, as it was when I did this that it felt more me. Before it just felt too digital, too lifeless and I was struggling to make anything that I felt happy putting my name to. I liked the traditional images I made half way through the project but I just thought it would be too hard and time consuming to make the whole comic this way.

I ended up stylising the comic a lot more than intended also, there are minimal backgrounds when backgrounds are needed and there is little added detail over characters. This was partly a time constraint but also figuring out how to deal with the dark textured background that I had at this point fallen for. I do think the stylisation works while still being readable and for this I am happy that I didn't try and force more detail into the images.

Grad Show

Below are my two favourite pages from the comic/test narrative and these are the ones I will be considering for my grad show hang. I think the image on the left will most likely be what I go for because it contains the enigma of 'the catkiller' line, I do wonder though how easily recognised the badger's behind will be from across the studio.