• Amy

rough Script and storyboard

1 – An establishing shot of the forest. A vast, primordial landscape that stretches into the distance and in the foreground a meadow that rises up to the border. In the depths of the forest is a just visible rise, like a stony outcrop or hill. There are a few wispy clouds in the sky, but it’s a gorgeous, bright day, with the sun taking prominence on the page.

2 – The exact same shot, but now it’s night time. In place of the sun is an ominous, purple moon. The change in lighting accentuates the forest’s ancient qualities, and it has none of the welcoming atmosphere of before.

3 – Panning down. Bird’s eye view. The inhabitants of the forest – rabbits, deer, squirrels, foxes – are streaming from the trees in an unbroken exodus, coming through the meadow. Birds lift from the trees in flocks. There’s a frantic, state of emergency quality to the scene. Moving towards the woods, against the tide, is Catkiller. The fleeing animals watch her, bewildered.

3.2 – Bird’s eye, zoomed in on Catkiller.

4 – Animals – speech in floating panels – Where’s she going? / Mind yourself, not the grey. Keep up!

/ Badger! You’re going the wrong way! / That way’s Horrors, girl. /

Oh leave the damned grey to it. /

That’s her, isn’t it? The Catkiller?

Full page - Catkiller ignores them all, keeping her pace through the crowd. Amongst them is Truthful Sly. He notices her and detaches from the throng, following on behind her.

5 - Sly – Catkiller! The whole wood has gone to rot. / I know you can’t see it, but the moon’s turned. Folk have horrored. / Catkiller – [he looks around] Where’s Scratch? / Oh. / What happened?

6 – Catkiller – Fuck off.

Truthful Sly moves in front of her, forcing her to stop.

Sly – Tell me what happened. Please.

Catkiller – Stonepecker Crow.

Sly – The idiot?

CK – Turned. Horrored. He took Scratch.

Sly – But why?

CK – The fuck should I know?

Catkiller barges through, and Sly follows behind. She comes to the bordering trees. Standing at the edge, overseeing the exodus, is Stalwart.

7 - CK – Move, Wart.

SW – You’re going the wrong way. We’re all fleeing the wood.

CK – Flee then.

SW – That means everyone, Catkiller. Truthful Sly, that’s you as well. / You can’t go in there.

CK – You going to stop me?

SW – Your eyes will stop you. The Horrors will stop you.

Sly – Stalwart, sir. Her cub’s been taken.


SW – The bird?

Sly – Stonepecker Crow. How - ?

8 - SW – He’s been taking kids. Mother Gentle’s. A few of the rabbits. / I’m sorry to say, but your cub’s dead. Or as good as.

CK – Fuck you.

/ Sly – That’s pessimistic, sir.

SW – That bird was insane to begin with, and now he’s Horrored. / TruthfulSly, you know as well as I that Catkiller’s cub is beyond saving.

SLY – I’m not sure I do know that, sir.

Silent panels – Shot reverse shot.

SW – I’m sorry, but it would be irresponsible of me to let a blind badger wander through the woods just to get torn apart, or worse, Horrored herself.

CK – You don’t get to letme do shit.

SW – Turn around. Live to birth another brood.

CK – You won’t sire any broods once I’ve ripped your balls off.

9-A sudden, terrible noise interrupts them. In the background trees can be seen swaying and toppling within the forest. Everyone stands petrified. When Stalwart looks back, Catkiller is gone.

SW – Fine. / Come along. We’ve got folk to look after.

Sly moves into the trees.

SLY – Someone needs to be her eyes.

SW – You don’t owe her, Sly.

SLY – You know I do.