• Amy

Text bubbles

Updated: May 6, 2019

Text bubbles really are the meat of a comic (if you are including words) and I am. I feel they are the most obvious thing in a comic if they are not done right. I had a pretty clear idea from the start of what I wanted mine to look like but I needed to fine tune them to make sure they were as clear and readable as possible whilst also complimenting the final style of my comic.

I created this font through calligraphr a website that has a font building template. It is a quick way to make hand drawn fonts and that's what I wanted for this. I made this especially for this project, I do have another hand drawn font that I use for my website and branding etc but it isn't quite as legible and less regular so I made this one to tick those boxes. Overall I am happy with the font as I think it compliments the images without me hand writing everything.

For the size of text I printed off pages with different sizes of this font and compared it to other comics I had as well as showing it to my friends and family to see what they thought was the most comfortable to read. The text ends up being 32pt which I think is a decent size, I was very worried about it being too big and distracting but I think this is a happy medium.