• Amy

The horrors

In our story there are things called 'horrors' in which woodland animals get turned into monstrous versions of themselves. They will be unsettling depictions of 'the horroring' the bad thing happening in the wood that all of the animals are trying in some way to escape from.

One thing we know we want is that we want to introduce the horrors in a very specific way. It will be a reference to Goya's 'Saturn devouring one of his children', with a horrored squirrel devouring a deer. The squirrel will have grown in size, and have its greed emphasised through the design. The reason we wish to reference this painting is because of its unsettling nature, it really surmises the feeling we wish to evoke from he idea of the horrored creatures.

Goya-Saturn Devouring one of his children

(Squirrel devouring a deer)


Manifests the characters central self (emphasis on one trait)

Squirrel, hoarding, fat (cheek pouches)

Hedgehog, spikes, tentacles, bringing people in

Parasitic (fungi and the like)

Some not too altered at all

Moonrabbit (Horrrored all along?)