• Amy

Week: 11th March

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Aims for the Week

  • Take photos for environment reference.

  • Get all character profiles together.

  • Research and initial studies for badgers, deer and foxes.

  • Try to actively work towards a style for this project.

  • Artist research.

  • Proposal presentation.

This is the first week I have been solely working on this project. I have been focusing on planning and preliminary work: roughly planning out my time for the rest of the unit in order to leave myself enough time for production at the end without rushing anything. I have also been compiling all the information I need to start character designs such as character profiles and research into the animals that the characters will be.

Rec Day: Kingswood photo trip. (Monday)

I think that the environment will be a real struggle for me in this project so I wanted to get out and take some reference photos as early as possible. This is so I can be looking into features of a forest at least a few weeks before I start developing the setting for the graphic novel. The setting being a forest makes it easy for me to get reference photos, here I took a trip to Kingswood in Kent and took photos from low angles: the angles from which the characters will be seeing the surroundings. I also want to be aware of how light streams in through the trees as it behaves very differently than in open spaces, luckily there was enough sun for me to get some really great examples of dappling sunlight.

Group Tutorials (Tuesday)

After showing some of my initial digital sketches during the tutorial I am quite happy with the feedback I have received. Most people seeming to like my concept.

"I like the style of the comic and the colour palette you've chosen."- Paola

A couple of comments gave me food for thought as they regard the characters and how I will be designing them. In my mind the characters (animals) are realistic and not anthropomorphised in any way bar that they talk, I think I should experiment a little with how human they would appear as this may affect how the motherhood theme is viewed.

"How human will you portray the characters? How fantastical will it be?"- Marc

It was suggested that I start storyboarding the narrative test this week and though this would be a good idea we do not have the story for this written yet. Continuing with the week I plan to start doing studies of the different animals in Weirdwood and have given myself time later on to storyboard this out.