• Amy

Week: 18th March

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Aims for the week

  • Proposal Presentation (Tuesday)

  • More studies of animal that will appear in the story.

  • Put together character sheets with turnarounds etc

  • More graphic novel research (reading them)

  • Start designing the horrors

Presentation (Tuesday)

My presentation went pretty smoothly, I was happy with the information I put across and some questions/comments were pretty useful or have suggested some interesting artists to look at.

"Might look good in black and white given the tone (starkness) and animals (badger-white, crow-black). Check out the 'Girl from the other side' manga, could suit your piece."

"like how you will include environmental and character design-this will look great as like how the Spiderwick Chronicles book is set out!"

Tony DiTerlizzi

"How will you create contrast between the innocent and the monsters?"