• Amy

Week: 25th March

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This week I have been experimenting with traditional media. Due to technical difficulties with my tablet it means that maybe I will possibly have to use traditional media mostly for the rest of the project.

I love old style ink drawings one of my influences when making images this week was Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary (take photos), it is full of delicate black line drawings and watercolour sketches that are really full of life. So most of the drawings I have made this week are made with a fountain pen or dip-pen and indian ink. Initially I was just drawing with the ink but as the week went on I started to add colour. All the colour is added with watercolour. I did like how these drawings started but by the end of the week I felt that using inks in this way for the narrative test I have planned would be very labour intensive and take way too long. I also think that working traditionally would make it harder for me to have the continuity through the comic that I can achieve digitally, just because I am more acquainted with digital work.

The below images are scans of some traditional images with digital colour added. I do prefer these experiments to any of the purely traditional images I have made. However, I do think that there is nothing to differentiate these images from any purely digital work.