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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

These zines are by Victoria Gedvillas and they collect a lot of her personal sketchbook work over recent years. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and they arrived in the post today. Initially when I bought them I didn't think they would influence my project at all but looking through them I think they could be a good touchstone for the production and layout of the concept book I want to make.

The covers are really quite simple in terms of design, there is one illustration than sets the tone for the rest of the book and a simple title to give some context. I really want the art to be the lure for anyone seeing my book so the choice of what to put on the cover will be a difficult one.

Inside of the zines are a mix of double page sketchbook spreads that have been replicated and printed the same way and opposite pages that were not made in the same sketchbook or in the same medium but have been presented together. I really like how some pages are simply rough sketches, sometimes hard to make out but others are almost finished illsutrations. With my concept book I really want to put forward a complete view of the development process, from these rough sketches to almost finished pages and seeing this work together here really makes me think that I could make this work.

At the backs of the book Gedvillas puts a copyright notice as well as her social media information with an additional design element such as a quick sketch. As we wish to go forward in the future and publish the story of Weirdwood I should consider this copyright notice just as extra protection. This end page information is a nice sign of to the zines as it gives you the information to look her up, which would be useful if they were being sold at fairs and people were buying these without prior knowledge of the artist.


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